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Your moment of zen

You’d think only watertiger would be sadistic enough to more widely inflict this image on hapless, unprepared eyes :


You’d be wrong.

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I steal this jaw-dropper from SusanG in its entirety:

Remember when kos asked:

I want to know why $700 billion. Why not $100 billion, with Treasury going back to Congress when/if it needs more? Why $700 billion?

Well, now we know:

“It’s not based on any particular data point,” a Treasury spokeswoman told Forbes.com Tuesday. “We just wanted to choose a really large number.”

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I didn’t watch Sarah Palin being interviewed tonight, opting instead for that self-administered root canal I’ve been putting off forever.

Scarecrow over at Firedoglake is one of the people I trust to be an astute pair of eyes and ears. His observations on tonight’s Palin performance are here, and I must quote his conclusion in full:

All of this should be enough for the nation to say, en masse, “enough of this charade.” But the McCain campaign is not done insulting the nation’s voters. All this week they’ve been selling the implicit argument that if Sarah Palin can answer questions from Charles Gibson in complete sentences and without sounding like a complete moron, then (1) she must be qualified to become President of the United States and (2) her selection reflects well on John McCain’s ability to make sound decisions. What are these people talking about?

Sarah Palin’s most revealing response to Charles Gibson was her unqualified statement that she never had the slightest doubt about her readiness to be President. The woman doesn’t even know enough to know she doesn’t know enough.

That astonishing declaration of ignorance, hubris and conceit ought to leave every American demanding that John McCain explain what on earth he was thinking in exposing the nation to someone who needs a week of intense briefings just to answer predictable questions from Charles Gibson and who seems to think being President is little more than memorizing right wing talking points and no more challenging than being President of the local PTA.

The fact that the media has to perform this vetting process is both insulting to voters and absurd; it is making us an international laughing stock. It’s time for the media to say that being qualified to be President is not the same as being able to pass a quiz at the end of remedial course in foreign events. It’s time to demand that John McCain answer for his utter lack of judgment.

Then again, all Bush ever did was recite right-wing talking points (abysmally, even sober), and his bizarre, sham presidency was challenged by very little indeed. Heck, why wouldn’t supermom Sarah think she could fit it in between Bristol’s wedding and the next baby?

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