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From Le Monde:

“It’s hard to find a historian who won’t say that Bush was the most catastrophic leader the U.S. has ever known. One success: since September 11, 2001, thre was no attack on U.S. soil. But this sits alongside an interminable list of failures, starting with the war in Iraq.”

God I’m so fucking sick of this bullshit line – he only allowed the most incredible, spectacular security failure in U.S. history – once!

Anyway, what a great day .. even Amy Goodman looks like she partied a little too much last night lol …

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If this pisses anybody off

too the fuck bad.


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Has made my holidays happy

Makes me glad to think of

Is known in every household on the planet

Will be celebrated in song and story for generations

Showed every pussy journalist on the planet how to cover smug, soulless war criminals

Bitchslapped a naked emperor

Will be the namesake of my next child or cat

Committed an act whose full significance is yet to be felt

Is my hands-down Person of the Year

Is a hero of the world

Had just had it with assholes

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How gay?

This gay.


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The New Baby Jane Hudson ..

Peru APEC Summit

.. is Paul Lynde!

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Thirty-some days left, time for the big closing number – All Crisis All The Time. Gosh, who could have imagined?

Well, at least the House killed that prettified-with-lipgloss Paulson atrocity today. I’m still waiting for an adult, any adult, to appear on the scene. Even all the brilliance and savvy and sincerity of a Barney Frank is just shilling for an unsustainable game. These people all still act like free ponies conjured out of nothing is a viable financial system. No one is serious. I never even hear the word “derivatives” on the MSM news. To hear the chirpy NPR babe tonight, you’d think the entire global financial system was melting down because a million Americans defaulted on their mortgages. (Oh, and what is this “predatory lending” you speak of?)

Among best things I read today was Stirling Newberry’s piece on Kos. I love how he delivers “duh” truths in a majestic, spare, founding-fatherish prose style:

If the powerful know that they can obtain any license merely by compounding failure upon failure, and then be unaccountable for the results, then we will have more failure.

(You’d think a thing like that would be obvious, wouldn’t you? But like I pointed out, there are no adults.)

Anyway, that’s just the economy. But if markets continue to roil, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bush has “national emergency” and martial law up his sleeve.

Nor would it surprise me if on top of all this, they toss a fresh match on the Middle East by bombing Iran.

Just sayin. They’re insane, after all. And there’s thirty-some days left. Chaos. Go big.

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Well, if Nixon was gay and too drunk to stand unassisted.

Really though, doesn’t it look like Chimpy’s practicing for his Historic Final Prezdential Helicopter Ride Farewell Wave? Since it’ll be such a super-important Photo Legacy Moment, the word is he’s even hired several private coaches to help. Though RuPaul reportedly bowed out early, saying “I’ve done all I can – he’s just too big of a sissy. It’s too deep in him. He has this idea he’ll look like Ike or Churchill – but how can you do that while you’re swishing your hips like Betty Grable? Girl, please. Hopeless.”

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