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Clearly it’s open war anymore

Bankstas vs. everything and everyone good in the world.

Banksta Thing vs. all life, survival, rational thought, you name it.

This IS a battle I’d drag even my 55-year-old ass to the nearest recruiting center for.

Why hasn’t my president raised the call?

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Ilargi speak, you listen

There is a huge and concerted effort underway to not see what is happening.

All the attempts to save the already insolvent banks can only have one outcome: an insolvent country. Instead of liquidating and gutting the banks, something that should have been done years ago, the money-controlled political system opts to liquidate and gut the entire nation.

Go read an actual grownup …

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Oh me of little faith

I like how Barry Blitt did an NYT cartoon just for moi!


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Venezuelan Jewish Community “Profoundly Grateful and Moved” by Government’s Efforts

Another thing you’ll never, ever see in US media ..

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Didn’t you get my last one?

TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF, every last pearl-clutching pot prohibitionist on this fucking planet.

Do you realize what a wrench you could throw into this sick, ridiculous, prohibition industrial complex? As the most accomplished athlete in the world?

Do you really think you’d lose money? My god, multitudes would come to  your appearances and throw $100 bills at you.

Be a REAL HERO, goddammit! You have INCREDIBLE influence for what is FUCKING RIGHT. USE IT. CHANGE THE WORLD.

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Sigh. Fuck.


Thanks Barry for making me feel even sicker than I did the last eight years.

Love them Summers and Geithner specially. Finally, people with the nation’s best interest at heart!

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Amy Winehouse

I don’t care wtf is her latest bullshit, I just wish she’d make another fucking genius record.

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