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I must say ..

Lately I give less and less of a rat’s ass about the entire human project – which at this point I give 20 years at best anyway.

Too many of us are simply mindless ravenous cruel monsters who can quite easily destroy everything, and do. I find myself identifying more and more with the exhausted earth itself, readying for a purge of this plague.

Art and music, yeah nice. Other than that, the nazi-zombie-lizard-depleted-uranium-boot-on-yr-neck-kill-anything-for-a-buck thingy wins.

WALL-E is out on dvd this week. The first ten minutes of this movie depict the title character going about his workday, going home, and going to bed. But it’s the most startlingly, profoundly, utterly honest ten fucking minutes of movie ever made.

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The New Baby Jane Hudson ..

Peru APEC Summit

.. is Paul Lynde!

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The thing about Lieberman

Is that he’s an insitutional litmus test for the whole change thing. He’s asshole-America vs. different-America, right there on the fence rail.

So far, fail on you and us, Barack.

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I always loved this one too


Can you tell I’m going through my Photobucket albums?

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Just because


I like this little guy.

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Splain, Lucy …

Boy does Devilstower splain Credit Default Swaps in this post.

Simplify, simplify …

Really, I wish I could xerox shit like this and give it to everybody on the planet.

We really need to take back language itself from the hucksters and thieves.

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K, back to earth

So here’s today’s sentence of the day:

In Bakersfield, California, a Mexican strawberry picker with an income of $14,000 and no English was lent every penny he needed to buy a house for $720,000.

From a most absorbing and stunning piece by Michael Lewis.

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