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Srsly ..

.. I mean, how can Barack let Larry Summers make speeches about the economy?

I mean, if this isn’t like making Charles Manson your spokesman for law and order, what is?

Why isn’t this asshole Summers in fucking prison for the damage he’s done to so many million lives?

This man is a common thief. Thanks to him and his ilk, the idea of retirement is finished. The idea of any other human notion too.

How dare you give us this, Barack. It’s not only beyond shameful, it’s fucking ludicrous.

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I’ll donate a cluster bomb

Former President George W. Bush is preparing for one final struggle against the odds: raising $300 million for a presidential library, museum and policy institute at a time when dollars are tight and skepticism about his presidency runs high.

The former president and first lady have already begun holding small private dinners to persuade wealthy friends to invest in a monument and incubator based on the values and events of his presidency.

Incubator? Like Bar Bush’s uterus hasn’t done enough fucking damage already? INCUBATOR?

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It’s unbelievable the amount of ads and products they’re aiming at us boomer gals and our naturally aging faces. Somebody must be buying this shit, I guess?

I love the flash ads where they wipe some sad old babe’s wrinkles away. Wow – that could be me!

And I bet I could be back in that crap relationship 20 years ago too! …

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A laff I came across


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Looks like my boobs vid just passed 3,000 views!

I’m King of the World With Too Much Time On Its Hands!

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