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What’s a goat shack

without the occasional goat …


This is one of my former goats’ new pals in Nanjemoy, MD. I call him Walt because of his resemblance to Sir Walter Raleigh.

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Important things, goddammit

Biden’s new puppy


About 1000x the soul and gravitas of most in DC, non?  …

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(Can’t remember where I stole this from. Think it was Jeffraham Prestonian)

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Friday late-night goatblogging

Well, stolen is better than none.

Anyway, it’s our goat pals on the job in L.A., clearing fire-hazardy underbrush on hills too severe for people or equipment. Since goats luuuuuuuuv climbing, balancing, and eating, this is win-win-win-win. Goats are so versatile, they’re practically the hemp of the animal kingdom. And they have funny and soulful personalities. They always cheer me up, even just to think of em. Yay goats!

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And why not a scoche of catblogging to get started out right. I have two cats, but this happens to be my friend’s kitten Ernest. He lives in the West Flanders region of Belgium and therefore meows in Dutch.

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