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K, let me make sure I understand this. The house has been burned down. We’re stunned and scared – jesus, no house!

You arrive to help us rebuild the house. Yay!

But the first order of business, you insist, is seeing to the comfort of the fucking Republican arsonists!

We’re supposed to assume there’s a good reason for this!

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Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it.


Re Karla and karmic retribution, I will never not be hopey. Never. HOPE-E springeth eternal in my breast for this one. Always. How could anyone live and have it otherwise?

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Well, New York has a senator

.. yawn ..

and yes Jane, Caroline rather utterly embarrassed herself

I knew my Nadler would be way too good to be true .. in fact I think the only two people who ever mentioned his name were me and him ..

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lazy, preoccupied

.. and chillin the fuck out, cuz Barry got this!

anyway, Bart’s got some stellar stuff in the treehouse today ..



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Sobering up

Just go read Ilargi.

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They’re doing fun stuff with Aretha’s hat here



Definitely the site to watch …

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From Le Monde:

“It’s hard to find a historian who won’t say that Bush was the most catastrophic leader the U.S. has ever known. One success: since September 11, 2001, thre was no attack on U.S. soil. But this sits alongside an interminable list of failures, starting with the war in Iraq.”

God I’m so fucking sick of this bullshit line – he only allowed the most incredible, spectacular security failure in U.S. history – once!

Anyway, what a great day .. even Amy Goodman looks like she partied a little too much last night lol …

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