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What’s a goat shack

without the occasional goat …


This is one of my former goats’ new pals in Nanjemoy, MD. I call him Walt because of his resemblance to Sir Walter Raleigh.

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Those gay French

were doing the Tour Eiffel (“Tower of Surrender”) in a fabulous blue this October.


No, they weren’t in their Picasso-esque Blue Period … just giving a shout-out to the EU, as holder of its rotating presidency …

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Nazi Israel

Come on. Can’t we just call it what it is?

K then .. how bout just Warsaw Memorial Gaza Ghetto .. ?

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Senator Nadler


K, I’m finally Hamshering just a tiny bit on Caroline. To put it kindly, she hasn’t impressed.

Compared to the proven smarts, articulateness, experience, and progressive kickasshood of a Jerry Nadler, what was I thinking.

I still like Caroline and think Hopey can and should put her to good use somewhere.

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Really, xmas can blow me


I’m grown up now and can hate the whole fuckin thing if I want. Yay!

Stole Avedon’s cute tree.

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Preoccupied as I’ve been with my flabbergasted speechlessness at the morphing of Friedman/Greenspanomics from merely donkey-blowing ruinousness to a rolling mass stickup so brazen and so vast it beggars all comprehension ..

It’s given me less time for flabbergasted speechlessness at Barack’s latest inexplicable wet kiss to fat fuck huckster celebrity homophobe preacher Rick Warren.

And god lobotomize me please, Melissa Etheridge today, with how her and Rick’s like total mutual starfuck crush signifies a new day for everybody.

Ok, look Melissa and Barack both, you fucking airheads, it’s fine to make nice, and understanding and dialogue are good, and blah blah blah, we fucking KNOW.

Which has what to do with giving a showboating, lying, homophobic weasel the opening voice in one of the most significant events in our history?

Jesus, I thought I’d never have to see this fuckwit again after that election pandering event .. who could have guessed he was just greasing up his Nouveau Billy Graham mojo .. but you, Barack? Of your own will, YOU drag this religio-knuckle-dragger to Washington and your historic stage?

What a fuckin shame. Didn’t want it to harsh my inaugural buzz, but it seriously has. Oh well. I hope feeding this man’s ego and his movement oxygen doesn’t come back to bite you, Barack.

Bad enough the complete gratuitousness of the slap to my face.

Worse that it’s like laughing at a friend who just got mugged.

But the worst is just – it’s a choice so fucking unworthy.

It’s – shallow.

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