American health care

Everybody please suffer a lot and die (preferably in a ditch) so a few assholes can have more money than they can ever spend on anything.

This country deserves the suicidal self-extinction it seemingly craves.


i always thought the Sixties were the coolest thing to happen in my lifetime. wow did i never imagine the stupefying extent to which the backlash would need to go.

So now Mark Sanford is off to Europe with his treasured wife and family.

South Carolina needs to remove this man from office. Yesterday. And strip him of all benefits.

Good farking gods, have some fucking pride, SC!

Likee 360 smiley


for such a curmudgeon, sometimes I’m pleased by really stupid stuff ..

Colbert in Iraq

Even you don’t belong in Iraq, Stephen.

Iraq is not your monkey.

No American should be in Iraq. Except to weep in shame, beg forgiveness, and work in indentured servitude for the rest of their lives to ameliorate what they can of the holocaust – yes holocaust – they allowed to happen there.

Get the fuck out of Iraq, Colbert. And take your writers and crew and entire American military and mercenaries and Abu Ghraib guards and cable television murder machine with you.

An observation

The whole point of untrammeled capitalism is to steal everything. Are we still not getting this?

K, let me make it clear, America. While you’re flipping between Dancing Stars and Fox News, Tim Geithner is dousing your living room rug with gasoline. You see, he’s taken your job and healthcare and pension, now he needs your life insurance and house insurance. It’s for American democracy and your freedom.

Then he’ll need your house pets, for the meat. Then your organs.

Btw please keep buying lots of cheap chinese crap with your nonexistent paycheck.

Srsly ..

.. I mean, how can Barack let Larry Summers make speeches about the economy?

I mean, if this isn’t like making Charles Manson your spokesman for law and order, what is?

Why isn’t this asshole Summers in fucking prison for the damage he’s done to so many million lives?

This man is a common thief. Thanks to him and his ilk, the idea of retirement is finished. The idea of any other human notion too.

How dare you give us this, Barack. It’s not only beyond shameful, it’s fucking ludicrous.