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Saw it on Bartcop

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More on Talibunny and the rape kit thing

I saw this vid chez Driftglass. First time I’ve seen David Rees animated, and good job.

And btw, why do the religiously insane always have to be so deliberately, viciously cruel? Why can’t they just be insane?

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The USA Serfdom Act

The We Finally Just Seize Outright Your Pathetic Shell of a Representative Government Which Has Allowed Us To Get This Far Unimpeded So Why Not Drop The Charade And We’re Not Even Gonna Bother With The Usual Opposite Name Bullshit Like Prosperity And Growth Act Because We Now Own Your Future And Your Children’s Future And Your Infrastructure And Your Social Security And Your Job And Your Everything Forever So Shut The Fuck Up And Like It Asshole Or We Pull This Fucking Trigger USA USA USA Act.

The It’s Over Act.

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Explains it all for us:

This is “redistribution of wealth” and “government takeover of industry” on the grandest scale imaginable … That’s all this is; it’s not an “investment” by the Government in any real sense but just a magical transfer of losses away from those who are responsible for these losses to those who aren’t.

Emphasis mine.

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Good stuff on the money bummer thing

Interesting post and thread at The Agonist:

As for the future: we won’t see any meaningful or helpful regulation until the markets are allowed to fall, freely. We certainly won’t get it under a McCain Administration (imagine Phil Gramm as Treasury Secretary, terrifying, eh?). And I don’t think we’ll get meaningful regulation under an Obama one either–most likely a reactionary overshoot, instead of thoughtful and studied reforms (no, I’m not calling for a McCain-like 9/11 Commission). But, I’m convinced the markets need to be allowed to clear this out, without government intervention. We can’t avoid a Japan-like lost decade. It’s too late. And all the intervention in the world does is forestall the day of reckoning. There is too much risk in the system and it needs to be cleared out.

Let it burn! We’re all going to suffer, regardless.

And yet, the government goes on trying to prop up failed enterprises and it hasn’t learned a cardinal lesson in investing, one I learned, the first time I ever put personal stocks on margin and lost: it’s better to take your lumps quick and fast and then work hard to rebuild real capital than spend a lot of time and even more money protecting a losing position by meeting every margin call.

And at least part of me is with commenter Joaquin:

Free markets are good as long as we all realize that free markets have the brains of a yeast. Free markets will literally eat themselves to death in a feeding frenzy if you throw them too much food. Free markets will cover farmland with sprawl. If they could consume air they would do it until all life on earth is extinguished. Otherwise, I think free markets are fine.

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…  as we crawl across the South Capitol Street bridge. Assume it’s in response to my spanking new “PALIN=CHENEY IN A SKIRT” bumper sticker. He looks in his side mirror for my reaction, which is to wave and continue singing “La Dernière Séance” along with the iPod.

Now, I sport this particular sticker mainly to address those undecideds out there who might be bamboozled by the purty new face in the game. As with my other fading stickers (“FIGHT TERRORISM – IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY” and “SEND THE BUSH TWINS TO IRAQ”), I don’t really give a fuck what wingnuts, let alone rude asshole ones, think of em.

But it did make me ponder, for a millisecond or two – what didn’t this one like about my new sticker? Presumably he digs both Dick and Klondike Sally, in which case the message is a compliment to them both, right?

Then again, maybe it was the idea of Jenna and Not-Jenna serving in daddy’s lost vanity war that upset him. Serving, after all, is what the servants do.

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… when they hired Tom Toles to sit in the chair of the legendary Herblock.

(click image to properly savor drawing and tagline)

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